Two Piece Candle Box

Candles are used to add attraction to the events. They are mostly made of wax and need extra protection. We can make a two piece candle box in any size, shape, or style you can imagine. “We design your thoughts”. These two piece candle boxes set the tone for any occasion and will look gorgeous with your custom designs.

At Candle Box Hub, you can also create exclusive candle boxes and decorate your packaging with a logo or full-color printing to boost sales. We provide free shipping across the US. Contact us and get a free quote now.


Great experience with this company! The service was amazing and fast. Our rigid candle boxes came in perfectly before Christmas. Edward thank you so much !!

Jhone Smith

Candle Box Hub got me out of a tight spot when my previous vendor couldn't deliver the boxes as soon as I wanted them. They delivered me with perfectly printed custom boxes.

Russel Hall

My first project with Candle Box Hub was somewhat complicated but they tried their best to rectify the situation, so I very much appreciated their efforts and customer service.

Susan Bishop

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Custom Two Piece Candle Box

Candles have long been a symbol of light, serenity, and ambiance. An important factor in maintaining their essence and appeal is their packaging. Two-piece candle boxes stand out for their functionality and visual appeal among the variety of packaging options.

Candles are sensitive and require care. To ensure the safety of your candles, make sure the packaging material is suitable for them. Let us handle the packaging. Candle Box Hub makes two-piece candle boxes from rigid paperboard to keep your candles secure.

Our candle packaging boxes help businesses across several industries like paraffin wax candles, soy wax candles, palm wax candles, beeswax candles, bayberry wax candles, and liquid wax candles.

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Two Piece Candle Packaging Types

Candle packaging comes in various types, each designed to suit different candle styles, sizes, and purposes. Here are some common types of two piece candle box:

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Boxes with Sleeves

These boxes consist of a sturdy box with an additional sleeve that slides over it, offering both security and aesthetic appeal. The sleeves not only provide an extra layer of defense for the contents but also offer a canvas for branding, design, or additional information. They are versatile and often used in various industries such as retail, food, or cosmetics, where both protection and visual impact are essential. 

Boxes with a Display

Boxes with a display are popular in retail settings, as they allow products to be showcased attractively, enticing customers and providing a clear view of the item’s features. The type of box chosen depends on the product’s nature, marketing strategy, and the desired level of product visibility.

Boxes with Shoulder Neck

These boxes feature a unique shoulder neck, adding a functional element that enhances their usability. The shoulder neck creates a secure closure while also making it easier to handle and carry the box. This design not only provides convenience but also adds a touch of sophistication to the packaging.

Tray & Lids Boxes

Tray and lid boxes are a versatile packaging option that consists of two main parts, a tray (bottom) and a lid (top). Whether used for retail purposes, product packaging, or gift presentation, tray and lid boxes offer a practical and visually appealing solution. Their customizable nature makes them adaptable to a wide range of products and industries.

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Best Packaging Option for Gifts

For gift packaging, two piece candle boxes can be an excellent choice. These boxes come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your candles with ease. We make candle boxes with two parts holding one or more candles. These boxes will grab the interest of more customers.

Candle Box Hub is here to help you every step of the way as we create and deliver the boxes that hold your candles.


Our goal is to create packaging that protects your candles and becomes an integral part of your brand experience. Consistent and thoughtful branding across your two piece candle boxes can leave a lasting impression on customers and encourage brand loyalty. 

We help you stand out! In addition to increasing sales, our boxes greatly enhance the elegance and beauty of candles.  In a crowded market, our custom printed candle boxes serve as effective marketing tools that help your company stand out. 

Here are some ways to enhance your brand with two piece candle boxes:

  • Unique Design (Freedom of Customization)
  • Branding Elements (Your logos, Brand Colors any specific design)
  • Premium Materials  (Kraft Paper, Rigid and Corrugated)
  • Printing Techniques (Off Print, Digital Print,  UV etc.)
  • Sustainability (Eco-friendly Materials)

If you don’t have any design or artwork yet, you can utilize our printing services, by sending us a free custom quote. Our professional will make it for you.

Are you ready to get started? Get printed two piece candle box from Candle Box Hub!

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Have Creative Ideas in Your Mind Regarding Custom Rigid Candle Boxes!

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