Candle Boxes with Window

Transform your brand into a comprehensive package with custom candle boxes with windows. Your consumers will be amazed by our reliable, lightweight, and extremely customized candle boxes, which will stand out on the shelf. We’ll also impress you with our quick turnaround times, competitive pricing, and free design assistance from our packaging specialists!

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Great experience with this company! The service was amazing and fast. Our rigid candle boxes came in perfectly before Christmas. Edward thank you so much !!

Jhone Smith

Candle Box Hub got me out of a tight spot when my previous vendor couldn't deliver the boxes as soon as I wanted them. They delivered me with perfectly printed custom boxes.

Russel Hall

My first project with Candle Box Hub was somewhat complicated but they tried their best to rectify the situation, so I very much appreciated their efforts and customer service.

Susan Bishop

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Custom Printed Candle Box with a Window

Candle Box with a window is a packaging solution designed specifically for candles. It features a window, usually made of clear plastic, that allows customers to see the candles inside without opening the box. This adds an attractive and exciting element to the packaging, allowing the product to showcase its design, color, or scent.

The custom printing aspect allows you to personalize the Candle Box with your branding and design elements. This can include your logo, product information, artwork, and any other relevant details to make your candle box visually appealing and recognizable. It helps in promoting your brand and creates a professional and cohesive look for your candle packaging.

candle boxes with window
candle boxes with window

Kraft Candle Boxes With Window

When packaging your candles, the right box can make all the difference. Kraft candle boxes with window offer an attractive and practical solution for showcasing your beautiful candles keeping it Eco-Friendly. As a retail shop, you must know that Candle boxes with windows keep your candles safe and secure.

Have you ever thought about how candle boxes with logos could increase brand affinity and generate new sales? “According to the research, the reward-seeking spots of the brain are activated by eye-catching packaging. These spots have an association with impulsive purchases! Thus, the quality of your packaging boxes has a direct impact on sales.”

Candle Boxes with Window Wholesale Designs

Candle Box Hub provides unique box styles that complement your marketing objectives and the shape, size, and weight of your product. Custom candle boxes are available in several traditional styles, the most popular are:

Straight Tuck End Box has a straight tuck end closure and a window on the front panel, allowing customers to see the candle inside.
The Reverse Tuck End Box is similar to the straight tuck end box, but the closure is reversed. The top tucks from the back, and the window is on the front.
Auto-lock Bottom Boxes have an auto-locking bottom, making them easy to assemble. A window on the top or front enhances visibility.

Kraft Candle Boxes with Window


At Candle Box Hub, We’re passionate about considering the design, size, materials, and finishing touches to create packaging to boost their marketing and sales strategies, and our custom packaging boxes are a fantastic, cost-effective way to achieve it.

We design your thoughts!

If you don’t have any design or artwork yet, you can utilize our printing services, by sending us a free custom quote. Our professional will make it for you.

Here’s why customers come back to us time to time again for their custom printed candle boxes with a window

  • Comprehensive Packaging Expertise
  • Fast and affordable (8 – 10 Business days)
  • Free access to a top group of custom packaging designers 
  • Designed with the intention of being sustainable (Eco-friendly Kraft Paper)
  • Superior material quality (10 pt to 28 pt Paper Weight Options)
  • Limitless creativity
  • With you every step of the way (24/7 to answer your questions)

Are you ready to get started? Get printed candle boxes with window from Candle Box Hub!

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