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How To Select The Perfect Candle Box

Snap Lock Bottom Candle Boxes

Lock bottom boxes, alternatively known as 1 2 3 bottom boxes or bottom lock boxes, are specifically crafted to accommodate heavier candle items. The robust design is attributed to the bottom flaps interlocking with each other, creating a sturdy foundation that remains secure even under the weight of the enclosed product.

When you order auto lock bottom boxes from CandleBoxHub, they are shipped flat, optimizing both space and shipping expenses. Despite this, assembling them is a straightforward process. Simply connect the bottom panels by folding the U-shaped panel first, then tucking the side flaps underneath. Finally, insert the fourth panel, and your lock bottom box is ready for use.

Auto Lock Bottom Candle Boxes

Auto lock bottom boxes, alternatively known as crash bottom boxes or crash lock boxes, are the ideal choice for securely packaging heavier candle items that require additional bottom support.

Typically, these candle boxes feature a standard tuck flap for the top closure, while the bottom is uniquely designed to be self-locking. No manual assembly is required on your end. When you receive the box in a flat state, a simple pop open ensures that the bottom flaps automatically lock into place. The outcome is a robust and dependable base that effectively prevents your product from slipping out.

Two Piece Candle Boxes

Two-piece boxes present a sophisticated packaging solution that elevates the element of surprise during unboxing. This style of packaging is particularly well-suited for luxury candle products, sweet assortments, or product kits containing multiple items.

Comprising a tray and a lid, these boxes boast a double-wall structure for enhanced strength and durability. Additionally, inserts can be incorporated inside the box to secure and organize your products effectively.

Straight & Reverse Tuck End Candle Boxes

Straight tuck boxes serve as a widely adopted packaging solution across diverse industries. Ideally designed for lighter products, these boxes can also securely house heavier items, such as perfume bottles or cream jars.

On the other hand, reverse tuck boxes closely resemble straight tuck boxes with a notable difference in the closing panels. In this design, one closing panel is affixed to the back of the box, while the counterpart is attached to the front. The flaps fold in opposite directions, and the slit locks located at each end of the box ensure the panels stay in place, preventing any unintended openings.

Candle Boxes With Inserts

Inserts provides an additional level of protection for your product, ensuring the candle remains securely in place. This not only enhances the safety of the packaging but also contributes to a more luxurious appearance, showcasing the extra attention to detail. Our team can customize any candle box with inserts to meet your specific needs. Explore a plethora of Candle Packaging Ideas in our comprehensive guide!

Candle Boxes with Inserts

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What are your minimum order quantities?

We pride ourselves on our accessible and low minimum order quantities (MOQ). Each product has its own MOQ and can vary from 1 up to 1,000+, so check out each product page to learn more.

Can I submit my own artwork?

You will need to contact our designers if you would like to provide your own artwork and design. You will receive guidance from them concerning the format and the resolution requirements.

How to reduce the price per box?

You can determine the pricing by considering the box size, style, and material. With increased order quantities, you'll be able to get personalized boxes at wholesale prices. Buying in bulk provides huge discounts on the product's price, saving you a lot of money. Also, this will lower your shipping costs.

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